How Unleashed 24 hour event started Saturday June19th at 8am…

In need of an event to use as a training run for the Georgia Jewel 100 in September, I came across Thundermeet Endurance’s Unleashed 24hr event. SOLD! I managed to convince Brian to register as well, trust me it was like twisting his arm ????

Going into this event with the intentions NOT to go ham as I was still nursing a right ankle (98%) and a left ankle (88%). My PTs and sports med doc told me NOT to go ham. ….I miiiight have gone ham.

Starting off felt great! Running well and keeping a great pace – even hanging with the guys ???????? I was first female for ALL the races for a solid 17 miles before shit went south, WAY south. I think I pushed the hydration, nutrition, and watermelon WAY to hard in the start and my body just rebelled. For the next SEVENTEEN miles I was able to hustle the laps but I came into the tent and just sat. I watched women pass me. I tried to throw up – nothing. Feeling awful was taking over but I knew I still I had 24 hours and this would eventually pass.

Finally at mile 34 I was able to drop the hammer again. I was a solid 2 laps behind the other girl in the 24 hour event. Meanwhile Brian was actually in a heated battle with another guy for first overall.

Eventually I was able to go back to cranking out 12-14 min miles I caught up to her. I got my break when I came into the tents and she was sitting – we were even then and the first one out was in the lead. I slammed some soda and took off – I had earned first place back! Brian was with me and we cranked out a solid lap.

To my surprise she was STILL in the tents when I returned. I did that another time, had 2 laps on her, she decided to drop from the event ???? I hate when people have to throw the towel in, but a win is a win!

Brian did an awesome job holding on to first overall before his competition also dropped. Did I mention the tropical storm?! Y’all it was raining for at least 12 of the 24 hours. 3 of us ended up finishing the inaugural 24 hour event. They also had 3, 6, and 12hr events going on as well! So if you’re looking to try your hand at an ultra with a pretty rad crew – come out to Unleashed!

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