Endurance Training: Hard Lessons

Some days are harder than other. Let’s be real, my life is not that hard. It’s probably quite comfortable. But I can still put myself into hard situations especially with endurance training.

The training days get LONG. To the point where some people think I’m not right in the head.

Endurance athletes are a different breed. We don’t mind living in the suck. In fact training for 6+ hours can be exciting for us. And let’s not forget about the food!

But some days just kick you in the teeth. And it’s how you respond to those days that build your toughness.

If you get knocked down and you just sulk, you’re not doing it right. Give yourself exactly 5 minutes to feel bad and throw a tizzy. And then start dissecting the lessons.

Did you go faster? Get more vert? Did you control your heart rate? Was your nutrition on point? Lots of good lessons can come from “failing” because it’s not really failing if you learn. Endurance training is a lot of ups and down – even day to day. Learning to take the good with the bad is something we all need to work on.

TWO weeks until 29029 and I get to climb the mountain and claim that #redhat as mine. Do the hard things people! ✌????

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