29029 Everesting – Part 1: The Why

To understand what the 29029 Everesting event means to me, I guess I have to talk about my why.

I don’t think anyone just signed up for this event halfheartedly. In the summer of 2019 I had finally decided to leave a toxic relationship. That was the first move to a better life as I still had a toxic job life.

I didn’t cut off all my hair or dye it blue or go on 50 million awful dates. Instead I decided to challenge myself physically.

As a flat lander living in Florida I felt I had no business taking on a climbing challenge…but that also meant I had every reason to take on this challenge.

My discovery call with Matt was likely different from every other call he has with potential participants. I basically said let’s do this, take my money, oh and also I want bib 13. As far as I know, I’m the only person in 29029 history to request a certain bib number.

Removing myself from the toxic relationship freed me in more ways than I can count. I instantly became happier. My friends began to see the person they loved again. Training for an endurance event gave me the light I had been missing.

For so long I was told that training was taking time away from “us” but all that meant was he was insecure.

A relationship that has become lazy and alcoholic and violent wasn’t where I needed to be. I’d rather be alone, digging into a challenge and elevating my life than living that horror again.

So in October 2019 I dropped money I didn’t have for an event I didn’t feel I had any business doing to hopefully change my life – so I could feel the fire in my soul once again and remind myself who I’m meant to be.

I needed to do 29029 Everesting for me.

29029 Everesting board

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