29029 Everesting: Part 2 – 2020 Training

As I dumped the dead weight and took on my new spark for life, I also added a new 29029 training partner. In December of 2019 I ran my fastest 50k over in Tallahassee without a support crew – except the RD who is one of my awesome friends.

I also dumped the toxic work environment and accepted a new job in January 2020.

With a fast 50K and a new training partner I felt the 50 miler in January would be easy money…I was wrong. My hip flexors blew out and I was only able to complete about 28 miles before I tapped out in order to run another day.

This one hit hard. Afterwards, I didn’t want to train or even want to workout. Instead focused on my new career and didn’t think about exercising or running for a solid 6 weeks. I was a sloth athletically.

Then, I got COVID before it was cool and it slammed another nail in my coffin. Running was laughable – I was out of breath just going a mile. I needed an inhaler just to think about running.

When I finally decided I needed to start training again it was tough. Mentally and physically I was trying to wrap my head around a new normal for me – the struggle. Thankfully my training partner turned into the love of my life (oops) and he stood by me through the fight.

All summer we worked to get me to run. Trails took forever. Hills were still laughable. But slowly I was weaning off the inhaler. Slowly I was building my base back.

In July my worst fear came true – 29029 Everesting was canceled. (Honestly probably a blessing for me). All of this work only to have to do it again the next year. We still went to Utah in August because why not. I met 2 incredible ladies who are now my best friends for life – Monica and Kamille. We bonded over climbing and whiskey.

In September my second attempt at a 50 miler – The Georgia Jewel – was also dismal. This time I got in a 50k in before I finally tapped out. Fortunately for me, 29029 Everesting people are everywhere and the fabulous Matt drove me back to the start line from where I dropped. Bonus – I got to see Brian finish his first 50 miler!

2020 kicked my ass athletically. I was really starting to wonder if long distance was for me. But I wanted it. I had to make a solid plan and execute it.

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